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How many times have your children asked you for a mobile or for a new gadget? How many times they said they felt bored? How many times they had behavioural issues? How many times you wished they had better English Communication Skills? How many times you realized their General Knowledge was not up to the mark? “A Zillion Times”.

‘Concepts of Everything’ is a one stop solution for all such problems. This box contains worksheets on 15 different topics on areas of:

  • 1. English Language
  • 2. General Awareness
  • 3. Life Skills

English Language:

"Utilize your time free time efficiently; it decides what you become in life"

These worksheets aim not only to improve the Grammar of students but most importantly to improve the speaking skills of students as well. The worksheets on English Language comprise various topics like Common Errors, Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb etc. Moreover, there are even topics like ‘Effective Introduction’, ‘Interpersonal Skills’, ‘Reading Habit’, ‘Reading Comprehension’, ‘Vocabulary Building, ‘Writing Skills’ etc. These topics have been explained in a unique and simple way that is easy to understand even for a novice learner.

General Awareness:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

General Knowledge should not be restricted to books. It is important that students are aware of what is happening around the world. The worksheets on General Awareness aim to make the students aware about the important topics that every kid must know about. The topics include ‘Current Affairs’, ‘Famous movements of freedom struggle’, ‘Famous Leaders & their contributions’, ‘Discoveries & Inventions that changed the world’ etc. These worksheets have been designed to give precise and concise information to the students.

Life Skills:

Moral Values can be developed in kids when parents and kids do creative things together!

With too much of technology and influence of affluence, essential life skills have taken a back seat. Students do not understand the importance of money and waste their precious time with gadgets. These worksheets and practice exercises try to make the students aware of these important skills. Different topics that are covered are ‘Money Management’, ‘Gadget Addiction’, ‘Goal Setting’, ‘Time Management’, ‘Accepting Mistakes’ etc.

These worksheets can help in:

  • 1. Improving English Grammar & Building Vocabulary
  • 2. Improving concentration and setting up a goal in life
  • 3. Improving Academic Score
  • 4. Managing Emotions
  • 5. Increasing General Awareness

It’s an opportunity to build new concepts and take the first step to learn the ‘Concepts of Everything’

Through Career on my mind’s worksheets, you get a monthly package of worksheets on areas of your choice


  • 5 topics of English Language Skills Worksheets
  • 5 topics of General Knowledge Worksheets
  • 5 Life Skills Worksheets
  • Rs. 699/-


  • 10 English Language Skills Worksheets
  • 10 General Knowledge Worksheets
  • 10 Life Skills Worksheets
  • Rs. 999/-
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