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  • My question is for my daughter. She is currently in 12th std. (Humanities). She is highly interested in Fashion industry. I would like to know the career options in this field.

    Anjana, it is so heartwarming to know that people are finding Career Links helpful. With affluence playing pivotal role in increasing the spending capacity of people and more and more International Fashion Houses entering the Indian Market; Fashion Industry is booming with leaps and bounds. To make a successful career in this field, your daughter can pursue B.Des. (Bachelor in Designing) Course, NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology); NID (National Institute of Design), Ahmendabad; Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune; FDDI (Footwear Design and Development Institute), Noida etc. are some of the top Institutes in the country. The Entrance Exams test you on English, Quantitative and Analytical ability,

  • I am a student of Economics (H) from University of Delhi. I want to study my Masters abroad. Actually I am highly confused about the GRE score. Please suggest some foreign universities where I can pursue the course.

    GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is an Entrance Exam for admission in Foreign Universities across the globe. GRE basically tests you on Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. The Top Universities offering this course are: Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Stanford and Yale. Apart from these, if you are confused about your GRE score, there are Tier-2 Universities as well like Columbia, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Pennsylvania, Rochester, California-Berkeley etc. There are many Universities that consider sectional cut-off in GRE. If you get a good overall score and cross the sectional cut-off, you are good to go. However, if you feel that your GRE score is average but you have scored

  • I am studying Sociology. To be honest, I am unaware of the career prospects after this course. It would be really helpful if you guide me.

    Sociology is a field that will help you to get into the depth of Economics, Culture, Religion, Politics etc. in a society. You will learn about Human Society and also how to classify Human Social Behavior. There are various fields in which you can make your Career: Social Research, Counselling, Social Work (NGOs) and International Agencies (UNICEF, CRY, CARE), Education etc. You may work as a Data Analyst, Survey Research, Project Manager, Administrators etc. These days, many NGOs offer very good packages and opportunity to work directly among and for the general public. If you are society oriented, this could be very good option for you. Many Universities offer Masters Program in Social Work like Delhi School of Social Work, Delhi Universi

  • I want to become a choreographer but I am not able to find the proper course of dance in which I can get the certificate and a good knowledge of dance plus a good training for choreographing. Please suggest me some institutions from where I can do this kind of a professional course?

    Prospects in the field of choreography are expanding with more and more stage and TV shows and ever-thriving world of films. Some formal training and degrees give an upper hand. Three years bachelors’ degrees B.F.A (bachelor in fine arts) and B.P.A. (bachelor in performing arts) are given to the successful candidates by the dance and fine arts departments in several colleges and universities but it is indeed tough to show and prove your versatility. You can either be a professional, specializing in Indian Classical dance forms like kathak, Bharatanatyam, Manipuri, Oddissi or Western forms like Ballet, Contemporary, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin American forms etc. Some good Dance Institutes in India are Shiamak Davar Institute for Performing

  • I am doing my graduation in Arts/ English. But, I want to make my career in psychology, I want to become a counselor. But, I have no clue of what to do next. Please suggest something.

    If you want to be a Psychologist or counselor, you can go for an M.A. in Psychology after completing your graduation. Some reputed colleges are Presidency College, Chennai, Christ University, Bangalore, Dayanand Anglo Vedic College, Chandigarh, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai or Miranda House, University of Delhi. However, if you wish to reach the zenith in this field, go for a Ph.D. from any of these top institutes. This will help you in a long way to be a successful Psychologist or a Counselor.

  • I want to become a journalist and I am doing my graduation in arts. I have done a 2 months certificate course in JOURNALISM, RADIO JOCKEY and ANCHORING from YWCA. After doing this course, I really tried to find an internship in a newspaper or a news channel but nothing worked out. I just don't know what should I do to get an internship? Please advice.

    Since you have not mentioned the specialization of your graduation, I would recommend you to do a Masters in Journalism which would be better option than doing a 2 months certified course. The names of few colleges that offer advance journalism courses are - Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication in Pune, Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in New Delhi, Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai, AJK Mass Communication Research Centre and Jamia Milia Islamia in New Delhi. If you still wish to go for a short term course, IIMC (Delhi) offers four month diploma course in Development Journalism which can also help you in finding a good internship option.

  • Hi, I have just completed my graduation in commerce, but I want to become a lawyer. Please suggest some good law institutes for my post-graduation.

    Some of the top Colleges for pursuing Masters in law are-National Law School of India University (NLSIU or NLS), Bangalore, National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR), Hyderabad, NIKU (Bhopal), National Law University, Jodhpur. But if you fail to get admitted into these prominent colleges, you can also go for Indian Law Society (ILS) Law College, Pune, Symbiosis Society’s Law College, Pune, National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata, National University of Study & Research in Law, Ranchi (NUSRL) or Allabahad University.

  • Hello, I am a post graduate in Mass Communication, and working with a media Organization. But, I am not satisfied with the openings I am getting. So, will it be possible to change my profession at this point? Will it not hamper my career growth?

    It seems you are not happy working in the field of Mass Communication not only because of the remunerations but also because of the work that a media person has to do. You must introspect what you want from life. Do you want to continue in this field and get paid better? If yes, remember the Golden Rule: The first two years is the learning period and then comes the earning period. But if it is not only money that is troubling you in this field, it is never too late to search within and do what you want to. You can go for an MBA or any other unconventional field after thinking about your family, finances and inclination.

  • Hi, I am in 11th class and in arts stream. I never wanted to take arts but due to my low percentage, I was given this subject by my school authorities. So, now what all career options do I have for Arts Stream?

    Do not be disheartened just because you are in Arts stream. There are many students who get high grades and still opt for Arts as it is a stream of many opportunities. You just have to find your interest and you can reach many a milestones working in the field of your interest. Be it working in the corporate world as a Lawyer or following your dream of becoming a journalist or a dancer. You can opt for fashion Designing or become a successful professional in the Retail Sector. You can always go for an MBA from a premier institute or take the prestigious Civil services exam at a later stage. So, there are boundless opportunities coming your way, just be on your toes to grab them. Work hard and you will thrive rather than strive.

  • I have completed my BMM from Mumbai University. Some of the subjects that I studied are Communication Skills, Advertising, Mass Media Research, Copywriting and Organisational Behaviour. I want to do an internship with a reputed organisation. My areas of interests are copywriting and research. Does an organisation absorb an intern?

    There are many options available after BMM. You have Journalism, Advertisement, Television, Radio, Web, New Media, Photography, and a billion different jobs in this line. Many organisations take interns for their exuberance and innovative ideas. You mentioned your interest is in copywriting and Organisational Behaviour (OB), ‘OB’ will help you to work your way up in any field. But to reach the pinnacle in this field, you have to be extraordinary. In BMM, like any other course, you will have to work as an Intern, then Assistant and finally reach the position of your dreams. The key is patience and HARD WORK.

  • After passing my class 12th exam I am preparing for various engineering entrances. I want to do B. Tech in Chemical Engineering and want to know about the colleges from where this course can be persued.

    When it comes to Engineering, the obvious choices are IIT kharagpur, Bombay, Kanpur, Delhi, IT-BHU Varanasi, NIT Waragal, Tiruchirapalli, BITS Pilani. But the competition is very tough for all these colleges. You can also go for some good colleges affiliated to state Universities. Since Chemical engineering is a vast field, there are many job prospects like in chemical industries, in food processing, mineral processing, explosives manufacturing, Biotechnology, power production etc. Almost all NIT’s have Chemical Engineering as a stream.

  • I want to become a musician but I am unable to find out good colleges which provide music as a subject at undergraduate level. Suggest me some colleges from I can do this course.

    Some of the courses in Music are B.A (Hons) in Music, Certificate Course in Music, Diploma in Music, B.A in Visual Arts. Some Good Colleges are Assam University, Cachar for Tabla, Vocal, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Saurashtra University, Rajkot for Violin, Sitar, Tabla.

  • I have done my graduation is Arts. Now I want pursue a professional course. Suggest me some short term courses that will help me to seek a job.

    Vidhu, you have not mentioned the subject of your Graduation. In general, short term courses are available in all field Mass communication, Hospitality, Tourism, Event Management, Entertainment, Animation, Product Designing. First, identify your interest and then choose the course accordingly but I would suggest you to go for Masters because that will be more beneficial to you.

  • What is the career which can help me get more success and which are also recession free to some extent, given the times we live in-Chetan Bhatia, Chandigarh.

    Chetan, you have not mentioned the standard in which you are studying. Coming to recession free careers in a developing nation like ours, engineering and medical will continue to be recession free. As a fact, we will need more doctors and engineers. These fields offer excellent financial security. Though there are a few other fields like healthcare, education, legal professions, food industry, environment sector etc. which are recession free. But at the end of the day, you must choose a profession in which you can excel and reach the zenith.

  • Among my peers all want to do something which is not very conventional-like wildlife photography, foreign language, accessory design etc. what is the scope of these from the job perspective. Do these careers give a good remuneration?

    The professions you have mentioned are very highly paid, if you can reach the top of the pyramid. But in a nation like ours they are still in the primary stages. A great struggle welcomes you if you want to be one of those big names in these fields. But passion is the panacea that can defeat this struggle. It is advisable that one should not leave his day job or conventional education for these fields but they can go in hand in hand with your conventional professional life. But I would say it again, these are upcoming fields in India and they offer great remunerations. So, you can gear up for them. Until they start giving you your daily bread and butter, don’t leave the conventional field.

  • I am about to graduate from college, what kind of entry-level positions (or internships) exist within an organization? Do they require any specific skill set or prior experience or it only depends on the grades I achieve in graduation?

    Dear Manish, you have not mentioned the course you are graduating in. But as a general rule, initially remuneration is modest and experience counts little. More than grades, how your personality is matters more. Your confidence level, your leadership qualities, your group handling tactics etc. are important. Technical skills can be honed in the years to come. Remember the golden rule- “the first two years in a job is the learning period and then starts the earning period

  • I have just completed my graduation in M.Sc. Bioscience. Should I look out for a job, right away or should I take a break and work as an intern in some bio-tech company or go in for a Ph.D.? There are various options but I am not sure

    You are cent percent correct to say your field offers infinite opportunities but I would suggest you should first try to raise the bar by taking a higher degree. It is also equally true going for a job or a higher degree depends on many factors as your finances, your inclination etc. Take a call and form a conviction and always keep in mind that convictions once formed should be kept in utmost of difficulties. It goes without saying if you complete your Ph.D., a whole new world of opportunities will open for you. You can be a highly paid lecturer in a college or be a researcher in a good company.

  • Studying abroad is a good option, but I am not sure if the cost is worthwhile, especially if after the course I can’t find a job and given the student visa I would have to return back home, what should I do.

    Karthik, you have not mentioned the type of course which you want to pursue(or the stream you are in) but assuming you go abroad for a professional course, you will have excellent job opportunities in both India and abroad, once you complete the course. Having said that a mature analysis of the cost involved is also necessary. Even if finance is an issue there is still a ray of hope. If you can score high in GMAT or GRE and get a good scholarship, you can practically get 100% scholarship. So all the best!

  • I wish to pursue a career in robotics and automation. What are the opportunities for me to pursue this course?

    If you wish to make your career in the field of Robotics and Automation, you will first have to do Engineering at the Undergraduate level. You will have to do B.Tech. in Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical or Electronics stream. Also, many Colleges/ Universities offer Mechatronics as a stream for Engineering which combines Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science fields. Mechatronics can also lay the foundation to a successful career in the field of Robotics. Robotics and automation are specialized subjects for postgraduate studies in Engineering. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kanpur and Kharagpur, and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, offer such course in Robotic

  • I am planning to do an M.B.A. from a private University, what are the factors that I should keep in mind before finalizing a University/College?

    It is wise to weigh all options thoroughly before finalizing a College for pursuing M.B.A. Though there are many good private M.B.A. Colleges in India, I would request you to take the final call after deliberating on few factors. The placement record, association with Organizations for proper Training/Internship, experience of Faculty members and background of Management of College are all important considerations. You should try to get in touch with few ex-students of the College you are planning to join. They can give the best rating of the College in terms of placement, faculty and training facilities. Ensure that the College fee is not beyond your means. It would be great if the College provides training on Soft Skills and Professional

  • I’m in class 11th and I want to get into the field of advertising. I wish to know about the various courses of this field and the scope of doing a course in Advertising.

    In the rapidly growing Indian economy, a career in Advertising is a lucrative option. However, I would recommend you to pursue your graduation in any stream and then go for a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising. You can also go for BMM (Bachelor in Mass Media) to lay the foundation of your career in the field of Mass Media and Advertising. This field is very competitive, one must be on his toes to cope up with the work pressure. Some of the top Colleges that offer Post Graduation Diploma in Advertising are Xaviers’ Institute of Communication, Mumbai, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi and Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad. All these Colleges conduct an Entrance Test that tests you on English and General Knowledge

  • What is the difference between B.Des. (Bachelor in Designing) and B.F.Tech. (Bachelor in Fashion Technology). Which course should I choose to be successful in the Fashion Industry?

    There is a huge difference between B.Des. and B.F.Tech. While B.Des. Course is a course in which the emphasis is on applying creative ideas to design clothes and applying production viable design techniques, B.F.Tech. course is more related to the theoretical and practical knowledge pertaining to the technology used in apparel manufacturing. Graduates in B.Des (Fashion Design) have got a great demand in fashion industry, as professionals with good knowledge and with good ability of designing trendy clothes are needed. Also, the eligibility criteria for B. Des. is that the candidate must have passed 10+2 with any stream (Science, Commerce, Arts etc.) and for B.F.Tech., the candidate must have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathemati

  • I am in my first year of my Graduation and I wish to do an MBA after I complete my Graduation. I am looking for Marketing and Human Resource as few options for specialization. What should I do right now to aim for Top Colleges of the country?

    It is always good to plan ahead of the future, you have sufficient time to plan your preparation. MBA is one course that will not only add to your professional qualification but also enhance your personality as a whole if you do it from a reputed Institute. In today’s era, both HR and Marketing have a lot of scope. There are some qualities that are essential to be successful in this field like good Communication and Interpersonal Skills, being Creative, having knowledge of the subject and being a Team Player. But, to do an MBA in HR and Marketing from a good College, you will have to first clear the Entrance Tests followed by a Group Discussion and an Interview round. This selection procedure will test you on your Aptitude Skills, Communi

  • I am in 12th std. and I am totally confused regarding the field I should choose. I am confused between Law and Architecture. What are the future prospects of Law and Architecture?

    Law and Architecture are two different fields. First of all, you should have Mathematics as one of your subjects in 12th to be eligible for B.Arch. (Bachelor in Architecture) while Law does not have any such eligibility criteria. If you feel you are good with dimensions, angles, figures, sketches etc., you can opt for B.Arch. but if you are good in debating, rebutting and have a keen interest in the formulation of Laws and their implementation, go for Law field. Also, try to solve sample papers of CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and JEE Paper-2 & NATA (Architecture) to know your standing in a particular subject. Be it Law or Architecture, if you do the course from a top-notch College, the future prospects will be very good. The Best Colleg

  • I wish to become a veterinarian doctor. What are the top Universities to pursue this course? Also, please tell me about the future prospects of this field? Do I need to pursue higher studies even after Graduation or will I be able to sustain myself after Graduation?

    Veterinary Science like medicine can be pursued after 10+2, Basic requirement is Physics, Chemistry and Biology at 10+2 level. College of Veterinary Sciences, Hisar; Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Punjab; Bombay Veterinary Science College, Mumbai; College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Maharashtra; Chandra Sekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur are few of the good Universities from where you can pursue this course. You have to appear in separate exams for admission to Bachelor's course in Veterinary Science. Veterinary Council of India conducts the All India Pre-Veterinary Test (AIPVT) only for the students who wish to join the courses like Animal Husbandry & Bachelor in Veterinary Science

  • I am in class 11th and I plan to pursue College education from abroad. I wish to do a course in Economics. Can you please guide me about the various options available, the financial aspect and the feasibility of doing this course from abroad?

    Economics degrees are typically taught as a mixture of lectures and seminars, with written assignments to be submitted to seminar tutors. Economics degrees can come in B.A. and B.Sc. forms. Harvard University retains first place, closely followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), UK’s London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is at third place. Similarly, in Japan, University of Tokyo is ranked 19th in the world for Economics followed by Kyoto University. However, the highest Asian entry of all is National University of Singapore. Canada’s highest ranked University for Economics is University of Toronto and Australian National University is ranked 18th in the world for Economics. In HSBC’s 2014 report on the

  • Everyday, we keep hearing about women empowerment in varied fields. I want to make a successful in the field of Science and Technology. However, the common notion goes that it takes years to achieve high bollards in this field. What is the road for me?

    When you talk about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, there are varies opportunities for women. Gone are the days when women were rarely seen working in these sectors. Today, women are working as Engineers, Scientists, Astronauts and what not. In earlier days, Engineering works were related more with physical work. Electrical and Mechanical Engineers were dependent on Manual work. And there was this common belief that males should be given preference in jobs of physical hard work. But, now in this era of Information Technology, most of the work is done through Machines. Caliber is the prime requisite and not physical strength. That is why, women are great Engineers and Technocrats these days. Though, lack of pr

  • I am a student of class 11th and I am interested in joining the Defence Forces. What are the options for me? What can I do to join the Engineering branch of the Defence Forces?

    To join the prestigious Defence Forces after 12th, you can go for NDA Exam or TES (Technical Entrance Scheme). NDA Exam is conducted for the selection of the three wings of Defence: Army, Navy and Air Force. The exam tests the candidates on English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. After the exam, the students are required to appear in the SSB (service Selection Board) round that tests the candidates through Tests like Group Discussion, Picture Perception, Interview etc. For Navy and Air Force, Mathematics and Physics are compulsory in class 12th. For Technical Entrance Scheme, you will have to score good in your class 12th exam after which you will again be called for the SSB round. You will be required to study Engineering and after fou

  • I want to become an Architect and I want to know about the Exams, Colleges and the future prospects of this field.

    To become an Architect, you will need Mathematics as one of your subjects in class 12th. There are basically two Entrance Exams that you will have to appear in after your class 12th: JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) Paper 2 and NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture). The Exam will test you on Mathematics, English, Drawing and basic Aptitude. B.Arch. is a 5 years course and you will get numerous wonderful opportunities in Campus Placement drives to work with top notch orgranizations. The top Colleges for Architecture are IIT (Roorkee and Kharagpur); School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi; Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai; Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad; Chandigarh College Of Architecture, Cha

  • I’m pursuing B.Tech. but my interest is in Public speaking. How can I pursue my dream career?

    It is good that you are pursuing a professional degree but one must always follow one’s dreams. So, the best part is that for making a career in Public Speaking, certain skill-set is required and not a professional degree. In the field of public speaking, good communication skills, solid command over English and Hindi and dynamic content is required. So, my advice is to read more, participate in more debates and public speaking competitions and follow news every day. You can also try to be a motivational speaker. You should know about many cultures, countries etc. In future, you can be a Personality Trainer, Motivational Speaker or an Anchor. For all these fields, you can directly apply after your Graduation. The certificates that you win

  • I am a student of class 12th. I want to get into the field of Business Administration. What are the opportunities for me to get into this field?

    If you wish to get into the field of Business Administration, IIM Indore has introduced the first of its kind course; five-year Integrated Program in Management (IPM). The basic eligibility criterion is to pass class 12th with any stream with at least 60% in 10th and 12th. The selection procedure comprises of an Aptitude Test followed by an Interview round. The fees of the Program is also a factor to consider, it is 3 Lacs per Annum for the first three years and for the last two years, it would be as per the prevailing fees of PGP (Post-Graduate Program) in IIM Indore. You can also tread the traditional path of a BBA-MBA. Delhi University; Symbiosis University, Pune; Narseemonjee University, Mumbai; St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai are few go

  • I am in class 12th and I wish to become an Economist. What are the various options for an Economist in the Government Sector and the Private Sector?

    If you wish to become an Economist, after completing +2 with good marks or grades, you can either join the five-year integrated Master's degree course or a three-year degree course. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras offers a five-year Master's program for meritorious +2 students and you can specialize in Economics, English studies and Development studies in the last two years of this course. Admission to the program is through Humanities and Social Entrance Examination (HSEE). The Examination will test you on English and Comprehension skills, Analytical and Quantitative ability and General Knowledge. Apart from this, you can also go for BA Economics/ Eco. (Hons.). St. Stephen’s College, SRCC College, Loyola College, Presidency C

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